January 19, 2018
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Hartford Memorial Middle School Newsletter
Week of January 12, 2017


On Wednesday morning, anyone who walked into HMMS would have wondered whether there were any students actually in classrooms, as there was so much activity hopping around the building.  It was the picture of active learning.  In one hallway, Team Nova was presenting their project-based learning presentations to classmates and parents in their culminating events.  In another hallway, Zapatera students were testing out their rubber band cars.  Throughout the building, Team Equinox kids were using devices to scan QR codes as part of a science scavenger hunt.  And in the front of the building and library, students were dropping eggs to test their STEM projects.  And that is just a ten minute snapshot of student learning in the building.  

Education is changing, and with that comes growing pains as teachers, families, and students learn and adapt.  We know more now than ever before about the brain.  We know more about what skills students will need in the future to be successful.  We know more about how instruction impacts student learning.  And as we know more, we are charged with the responsibility to make sure that we are using this knowledge to better serve the students and communities in which we live.  This process is challenging--it makes us question and change how we have done things for 150 years.  But when we see examples, which are happening day after day across this building and this district, of how learning explodes when students are engaged in the process, it highlights why the hard work is essential to prepare students for the future.


Tristan Upson                                                                          upsont@hartfordschools.net


School Geography Bee Finals

On Friday afternoon, each team sent finalists to the library to participate in our school Geo Bee finals.  Prior to the finals, each student in the building participated in a competitive round on teams to select three finalists, one from each grade, for the school finals.  The twelve students who participated in the school final were: Payton Bessette, Ian Murphy, Ke’ano Thompson-Mahi, Rico Putnam-Pouliot, Gavin Farnsworth, Nora Knudsen, Connor Rice, Sophia Ofstad, Macin Gaudette, Brayden Trombly, Gavin Brothers, and Holly Moore.  After a tough competition, Holly Moore came out at the Hartford Memorial Middle School Geo-Bee Champion!  Congratulations Holly, and all of our Geo-Bee participants!

Girls on a Roll

After a successful fall season of Girls on the Run at the middle school, coaches Abby Alexander and Addie Tousely have decided to offer an independent follow up “Girls on a Roll” at the middle school starting the week of January 8th.  The program will meet in room 138 from 2:30-4pm on Tuesdays when school is in session through the week of March 28th.  If you want more information or are interesting in signing up see this flier.