February 24, 2018
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Hartford Memorial Middle School Newsletter
Week of February 16, 2018


I anticipate Winter Carnival day like I do Christmas.  On Winter Carnival Eve, I am filled with excited butterflies.  I wake up early on Winter Carnival morning, ready to start the day.  It is silly, really, how excited I get.  But it never disappoints, and today was no different.  From our opening ceremonies jello dive and cheetos toss, to the final faculty vs 8th grade basketball game and egg smash game (from which I now smell mildly of rotten eggs), the day was full of energy, enthusiasm, and fun.  It is a day where we come together and show everyone what makes HMMS such a wonderful place to be.   

During a week where our fears have again been shaken, Winter Carnival was a perfect ending.  A reminder, as we head off to break, of the goodness and support we have for each other in our community.  It is a day to embrace the awkward beauty of young adolescents--from the purple tutus, yellow morph suits, and green suspenders to the face paint and cowbells, and everything in between.  Every year I am excited about Winter Carnival, but today in particular, it is a reminder to me of the value of education and the wonderful HMMS community.

Tristan Upson                                                                          upsont@hartfordschools.net



8th Grade Transition Activities on the Horizon

Believe it or not, 8th graders are going to be 9th graders before any of us know it!  Throughout the spring, we work on easing that transition through a number of activities designed to get our kids thinking about their futures.  One transition activity coming up is the 8th grade visits to CCV.  Teams Zapatera and Nova will visit CCV the afternoon of March 13th, and Teams Altitude and Equinox will visit the afternoon of March 30th.  We will also be starting 8th grade shadow experiences shortly.  All 8th graders will spend half a day at Hartford High School shadowing a ninth grade student and getting an idea of what the school and classes are like.  On April 4th, Hartford High School will host a Family Night for all 8th grade parents from 6-7:30pm with tours until 8pm to learn more about the HHS and the program of studies.  Please stay tuned and watch the Upcoming Events section of the newsletter for more specifics about 8th grade transition activities!

New Elevator Is Open!

On Monday we held our Grand Opening ceremony for our new elevator. We are so very excited to have the elevator complete.  It looks great and we are grateful for the hard work of the construction crew getting it completed.  It was an exciting day!

Follow HMMS on Twitter

HMMS has recently joined Twitter!  We are trying to share more of our day to day school lives with families through connecting on social media.  If you are on Twitter, please follow us @vthmms.

AAU Basketball Sign Ups

Students interested in participating in Hartford Hoops Storm AAU basketball need to sign up by February 11th.  If you are interested, please visit the Hartford Storm Basketball Website to learn more and to register.

Try Lacrosse

Students in grades 3-8 are invited to “Try Lacrosse” with Hartford’s Youth Lacrosse Club on Sundays, March 4th and 11th from 3-5pm.  “Try Lacrosse” is hosted at the HHS Gym and there is no equipment or commitment required.  Experienced players and coaches will be on hand to help kids learn some basics and give it a whirl.  Please see this flier for more detail and information about how to register.

Time to Order Your Yearbook

It is time to order your 2017-2018 HMMS Yearbook!  Yearbooks are $15 each and can include up to two personalized pages of pictures to commemorate your child’s year in middle school.  The deadline to order a yearbook is April 20th.  Yearbooks can be ordered by hard copy sent to school with your child or online.  Please see this flier for details.

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