Host Families Needed

Dear Hartford School District Families and Friends,

I hope this message finds you well! 

I am sending this email on behalf of our neighboring community of Hanover, NH. Hanover High School is hosting a very large music festival this March: The New England Music Festival (NEMFA). This festival needs to provide host families for over 400 high school musicians for 3 days!!! The communities of Hartford and Lebanon are stepping up to help host! 

Please read the attached letter explaining the responsibilities of a host and please consider hosting 2+ NEMFA musicians! If you have any questions and/or are willing to sign up to host some student musicians in your home, please directly contact the NEMFA housing chair at this email address (also included in the attached letter):

Thank you for considering- it takes a village (in this case, several villages) to make the New England Music Festival awesome as it always is!  

Thank you,

Hartford School District Music Teachers