December 4, 2023
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Upcoming presentation

Hartford High School is pleased to host Mr. John Halligan on Monday evening, Oct. 23 from 7:00 - 8:00. Mr. Halligan will be speaking in the high school gym.  Mr. Halligan shares the story of his son Ryan ( ). Hartford High School hosted Mr. Halligan a number of years ago and we are pleased to bring him back to o...

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CURTAINS - tickets on sale now!

Tickets to Hartford High School's 43nd musical, CURTAINS, are on sale now!  Show Dates: Friday, November 10 @ 7:00pm Saturday, November 11 @ 7:00pm Sunday, November 12 @ 2:00pm Adults $10 Students/Seniors $7  Tickets can be purchased at

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Welcome Back and COVID Guidance

August 29, 2023 Dear Parents and Guardians, Welcome Back! We are so excited to be starting a new school year. There is a new calendar that better supports the developmental learning needs of our students,  HERE  it is in case you need an electronic version. Please pay particular attention to the start date and the early release ...

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End of Year Calendar Change

The state has waived our need to makeup the 2 snow days we had this year! We now will have our last student day on Thursday, June 15 and it will be an early release day. Our last teacher day will be Friday, June 16. Thank you and have a nice day. Tom DeBalsi Superintendent of Schools Hartford School District

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