June 12, 2024

School Counseling at HMMS

School Counselors at HMMS promote the social and emotional development of each student by recognizing and supporting each student’s unique talents and capabilities. We work with school staff and other educational stakeholders to identify students’ academic and social/emotional needs, and provide interventions to remove barriers to learning and help students develop skills and behaviors needed for academic achievement. The knowledge, attitudes and skills students acquire during these years build the foundation for future success.

The HMMS School Counselor provides:

For students:  

  • small group counseling/lunch groups based on identified needs 
  • short-term individual counseling 
  • crisis counseling & intervention
  • Referrals for additional mental health services

For parents/guardians:

  • collaboration and support to help students get the supports they need at school and in the community
  • referrals for students to outside agencies and providers

For staff:

  • consultation and collaboration around student needs
  • support for strengthening resilience

Shannon Reilly
Shannon Reilly
802-295-8640 x3309 
Team Atlas (7/8)
Team Polaris (6)
Team Eclipse (6)

Annmarie Hall
Annmarie Hall
802-295-8640 x3308
Team Nebula (7/8)
Team Apollo (7/8) 

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